Enjoy the vacations with a balloon ride near the sea!

Flying in a hot air balloon in summer means disconnection, tranquillity, enjoying the summer landscapes from a different perspective and without the characteristic heat of this season, as the temperatures are not so high when you leave early in the morning. 

During the months of July and August, Globus Empordà offers you the chance to fly every day and enjoy the Empordà with the company of your family, friends, couples, etc. In l'Empordà, the summer seen from the heights gives us the yellow landscapes of the sunflower fields, fantastic views of the sea, fields full of straw bales, etc. 

If you are on holiday in l'Empordà and you are looking for an activity to start the day in the best way or if you want to enjoy a moment of disconnection, don't wait any longer and book your flight!

You can contact us to make your reservation through the following means: