Meeting time - Meeting point (Location)

Flight Zone:  we take off from the middle of the Empordà region and, depending on the direction of the wind, we fly south towards Baix Empordà or north to Alt Empordà. However, regardless of direction, you’ll have an opportunity to see the whole region.


Meeting Point:  the balloons take off from a village called Colomers in Baix Empordà, postcode 17144. The specific take off point is an open field located very close to a main road where there’s ample parking.


Meeting Time:  depending on the sunrise we’ll get together between 06.45am and 08.15am, with the whole experience lasting until 11.00am or 12.00am. Without breakfast you will be at the meeting point betwen 9.00-10.00am (depending the take off time)


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