Sales and reservation policy

-Anyone who is not present at the meeting point at the established time on the day of the balloon ride will lose the right to fly and will not be able to change the date of the flight. We have to leave very punctually due to regulations, safety and functionality of the hot air balloons.

-It is the pilot's responsibility to decide at all times the direction of the flight and also, if for meteorological reasons it is necessary to land early.

-If you decide to buy a gift ticket as a present, these conditions apply to these persons. 

-Gift tickets are NOT refundable. The ticket can be given or given as a gift to other people, but in no case will it be refunded. 

-Pregnant women cannot fly in a hot air balloon. In case of pregnancy, the expiry date of the gift ticket will be postponed for 12 months, with prior notice to Globus Empordà. After the period of validity of a gift ticket, no ticket with an expired date will be accepted and therefore the right to fly will be lost.

-If for meteorological reasons the activity cannot be carried out on the chosen date, GLOBUS EMPORDÀ, by mutual agreement with you, will look for another day to carry out the balloon ride. The tickets will not be refunded for this reason, UNLESS you are NOT resident in Catalonia.

-In case of cancellation with less than 72 hours notice, the reservation will be lost, UNLESS it can be proved that it has been due to illness or major causes.

-We do not accept the costs incurred by the cancellation of the flight.

-The confirmation of the reservation of the balloon flight implies, therefore, the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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